Rappahannock Regional Jail

Community Corrections Divison



As part of the ever changing world of the criminal justice system, the Rappahannock Regional Jail has evolved from simply providing traditional incarceration to developing numerous alternatives to incarceration into its practices over several decades. Among these alternatives are Adult Drug Treatment Court, Community Based Probation, Electronic Monitoring Program, Pretrial Services, and the Work Release Program. Each program is designated for a specific purpose, defendant, and or offender. There are several goals that have been set in implementing community correction programs into the Rappahannock Regional Jail. The goals consists of the following: to provide alternatives to incarceration for low-risk individuals, maintain public safety through community supervision, provide services needed to help individuals in the Criminal Justice System become more productive members in society while reducing recidivism. All of these goals are achieved by the use of Motivational Interviewing and Evidence Based Practices as part of our agencyís philosophies and daily practices.


The Work Release Program is an alternative to traditional incarceration. Offenders must be low risk and non-violent. These participants are referred by local courts from within the Jailís jurisdiction. After a thorough background investigation has been completed for suitability, and the participants are placed, they may return to their job under strict requirements and community supervision. Upon completion of their scheduled day of work, the participant then returns back to the Rappahannock Regional Jail until the next day of work. Participants also may utilize outside resources to help integrate them back into society upon release. Participants have the ability to seek their own medical attention, attend rehabilitation counseling, pay court costs, establish child support payments, etc. Work Release prospects must be less than 24 months to serve on their sentence and have no pending court dates or charges. Ideally, Work Release is gained by being referred by the sentencing judge.


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Pretrial Services has two distinct functions. The first function is to provide Judges and attorneys with accurate and factual reports. These reports are generated from investigations on defendants incarcerated prior to their first appearance in court. These reports assist the judges in making informed decisions regarding pretrial detention or release.

The second function of Pretrial Services is supervision prior to a defendants trial or sentencing. Pretrial facilitates this through community supervision, drug and alcohol testing, treatment, and other services deemed necessary while awaiting trial. This program uses a proactive approach, which serves an important role in the local criminal justice system by helping ensure court appearances by defendantís on supervision while maintaining community safety. Pretrial also serves as a liaison between judges, attorneys, law enforcement agencies, criminal justice boards, etc.

Community Based Probation (CBP)

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Community Based Probation (CBP) was developed for the offender post sentencing. These offenders are placed on CBP in accordance with the Code of Virginia and placed directly by sentencing courts. In lieu of incarceration, CBP works closely with offenders to focus on accountability using a standard of operation that requires all issues of probation to be completed in an accurate, timely manner, and within the best interest of society and the criminal justice system.

Ideally the courts will access this program in order to provide any combination of the following: enhanced public safety, an alternative form of punishment, and rehabilitative services for those with substance abuse and other needs.

This process is accomplished by assessing each individual and determining the services needed to assist them in meeting the court requirements as well as perpetuating changes in their lives to become productive members of society.

Home Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP)

The Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP) is a program to allow eligible offenders to serve their sentences in the confines of their home. It is a valuable alternative for low-risk, non-violent offenders within the Rappahannock Regional Jail. During the course of supervision, rehabilitative needs will be addressed of the program participants.

Offenders must be less than twelve months (12) to serve without any further court dates or pending charges. Offenders must have a stable, safe home plan with a basic phone line (no options). There is a $17 per day fee to be placed on EMP. In EMP cases an ideal placement would be a direct referral from a sentencing court.


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The Rappahannock Regional Drug Treatment Court was developed to help provide an alternative to individuals dealing with substance abuse problems along with pending criminal charges. Potential candidates must be low risk with no violent convictions. Upon a thorough evaluation, these defendants are required to plead guilty to their criminal charges. This plea agreement mandates treatment over incarceration for their dependency issues. Upon program entry, the defendant will be required to attend a rigorous schedule to include regular court appearances, outpatient/inpatient treatment programs, intensive probation, mandatory rehabilitation sessions, and needed individualized treatment. In most cases, upon completion and successful graduation of the Adult Drug Treatment Court, the defendant will have their criminal charges dismissed.