Rappahannock Regional Jail

Bond, Release, and Sentencing Information



Rappahannock Regional Jail is only authorized to give out the following information on currently incarcerated inmates:


Bonding Procedures:

Bonding is available:

If an inmate is eligible for bond, bond may be posted in a variety of ways:

If a bail bondsman is used, the inmate will not be processed for release until all parties are on premises and the bondsman supplies the required bonding paperwork.

All inmates are entered in VCIN/NCIC prior to release to determine any detainers.



Court Date/Release Dates:

For security reasons, RRJ will not give out:

Court and release dates are provided to the inmate, who may pass this information to their friends and family if they so desire.

RRJ releases time served inmates on the date of satisfaction of their sentence, regardless of weekends or holidays.


Time Served Releases:

RRJ releases time served inmates at 0800 on the date of completion of their sentence.


Victim/Witness Notification:

If you are the victim of a currently incarcerated inmate and wish to be notified of his/her release date, you are required to file an application with the local Victim/Witness Coordinator. The Victim/Witness Coordinators' numbers are:

Their offices are located within the local Commonwealth Attorney Offices. The Victim/Witness Coordinator will then send the proper forms to RRJ for notification purposes.



Sentencing Guidelines/Dept. of Corrections vs. Local

RRJ follows the sentencing guidelines as established by the Virginia Department of Corrections.

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